Friday, 25 November 2011

Wonderful weekend

Center Parcs.
Sigh. We all want to be back there.
We went for a long weekend and had such a lovely time.
We stayed in a posh villa in Sherwood Forest with a sauna.
The highlight was seeing the girls overcome their fears of the water slides. Sarah has real anxieties over such things, to the extent of trembling at the suggestion, so this was a major step forward.  Rachel, however, has no such fears, and they don't build a slide big enough to worry her. She went abseiling and conquered the aerial adventure, showing some older boys how it should be done. They were a bit scared. I'm sure they felt better when an 8 year-old girl told them it was easy.

Of course I did some knitting, I started a poncho, but I'm saving that for WIP Wednesday.

Here is my FO Friday thing:
I said a couple of weeks ago that I wanted it finished, so
Ta-Daa! Tis done. Nice and long for a double wrap-around.

Now I just need to work out what to do with the left-over yarn.


  1. very nice, that will look great on!

  2. Lovely scarf. Is the pattern on Ravelry?

  3. Thankyou both.
    Lydia, it was based on this one
    but it says that the pattern is no longer available. It's easy enough, only 2 row pattern.
    k1, k2 tog, *k4, yo,yo, k4, s1, k2tog, psso,* repeat from * to *
    to last 11 sts k4, yo, yo, k4, s2sts knitwise, k2tog thru back of loops, k1.
    Wrong side is all purl, except purl, knit into yos.

  4. Centre oarcs sounds lovely. It is always somewhat nerve wracking when you get to the last few rows and have just a tiny bit of yarn left

  5. Lovely lacy scarf. And phew at just about making it without running out of yarn...

  6. It sounds has though you had a lovely weekend and well done to your girls. I love your lacy scarf, very pretty , you couldn't have got any closer with the wool, lol. I've noticed you live in Wolverhampton, I'm about 5 miles from

  7. Love the poncho! Happy Holdays!

  8. Your scarf looks great, and don't you just love it when you have just a tiny bit left over?? Nothing worse than an awkward remnant that's not enough for any project!

  9. A-ha, we went to Sherwood CP last Sep and both our girls love it there too! roll on next Sep, already booked to go again :)