Friday, 4 November 2011

Bianca's first egg

Bianca is 23 weeks old and joined us, and our other 6 chickens, 5 weeks ago along with her friend Imogen.

Today, Bianca laid her very first egg. It was easy to tell that it was hers, because it was tiny, and bright white. We knew she would lay a white egg because she is a White Star chicken.
There it is, along with her friends' eggs. Not Imogen's, we're still waiting for her first egg.
Strange thing was, when I went into the run this afternoon, Bianca, who is normally very shy and runs away as soon as you go anywhere near her, hunched up her shoulders and sat waiting for a cuddle. So she got lots of fuss and cuddles. Obviously very proud of herself. Clever girl.
And it was delicious. Thankyou, Bianca. 


  1. Beautiful! My kids love our bantams eggs best because they are the littlest which makes them more special, we have the issue you did with the egg cups though! Looks delicious tho!

  2. I'm still waiting for my first eggs - girls are 19 weeks old so not long now. Yum yum!

  3. I love that Bianca was so proud of herself, and quite rightly too! I would love to keep chickens but have two completely bird obsessed cats and don't know if the chickens would go down too well! Em x

  4. Hi ,thankyou for your lovely comments on my post , just been reading through yours which is lovely too , you cant beat freshly laid eggs ,my sister in law has about 30 chickens and always brings eggs when she comes to visit every week and they are so delicious x

  5. How exciting, a chicken rite of passage!

  6. It is really quite strange, how laying their first egg changes their confidence. All of a sudden, they're allowed on the perches at night, too.