Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday's Tallies

I've done another one!
Today's offering is White Cheviot.
Isn't that a nice sheepy looking sheep? And cute lambs, too.
I spun the wool quite thickly as that was how it asked to be spun (I agreed with another blogger recently that the wool itself decides how you spin it. I think that's quite true).
The wool crocheted rather nicely into its square, and tonight I sewed in the ends, labelled it and put it in its place in the blanket. It needs some Suffolk friends around it, so that will be my spinning for this week as I have run out.

Oh, and I found my dog brushes carders. They were in the bag were they were supposed to be. In the loft. Where I'd already looked. On the top.

Thankyou for visiting, and please look at some lovely work here in the Tuesday's Tallies collection. 


  1. aww cute lambies. I just love this idea, I can't spin but if I could this would be something I would want to do. xx

  2. Yep... truly a lamby lamb...well both of them are! If I lived near these little darlings I would just spend all day in the fields watching them! Thanks for you kind comments on my blog today...
    I used to go to college in Wolverhampton - at New Cross Hospital...is that anywhere near you? :)x

  3. What a lovely idea, a blanket made from different breeds of sheep. How many breeds are you including? I have washed and carded wool from various breeds in my shop if you need any more!

  4. Oh Hun, you put the wrong link on my blog. I've changed it now so people should find this post now.

    I just love this blanket and I'm really excited to see what sheep you are using next!

  5. Just love the fact your squares really are 'handmade' by you from start to finish.

    My kids love looking at your chicken cam - we have chickens but they never get to see them in the coop sleeping and have been fascinated watching yours

  6. Ooh what a lovely idea, and the second I've come across today thinking of the same thing! Want to come round show me how to use my wheel propely ;)

  7. I can't wait to see the finished article - looks lovely.

  8. Those are the cutest sheep ever! I love their big ears!