Sunday, 2 October 2011

New girls!

Much excitement here in Chickenland.
Two new girls have arrived.

This afternoon we visited Newland Grange Poultry for the first time.
Lovely place. Very well kept, clean and tidy.
We had a look around, at the fancy chickens, the ducks, (avoiding the little dog because of Ellen's phobia), and chose our 2 new girls.
Bianca is a White Star. She will lay porcelain white eggs, when she is ready in a few weeks, but she's only 17 weeks old at the moment.

Bianca, say 'hello' to everyone. She hasn't said much yet. She's a good girl, went to bed nice and early all by herself.

And here's Imogen. She's a Columbine and has an 80% chance of laying a blue egg. Nice.
Imogen seems to be very vocal.
After they've been here for a couple of weeks, we'll integrate them with the big girls and we'll be back to our 8 chickens again.
We look forward to our first '8 egg day' which we sadly never achieved previously, because the lovely Portia stopped laying before Miranda and Rosalind started.

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  1. welcome to the new girls!
    thanks for your blog comment- just had to put the conkers in cos I so love them
    have a good weekend