Sunday, 16 October 2011

Here is the start of my Sleeveless Jacket by Bergere de France. This is the Left Front, which I have completed.
This is what it will look like when it's done.

And here is the 100% wool yarn I'm using from Scotland, online ordering available. Shop 

There will be further posts on this subject, and hopefully it won't take too long, because this first piece knitted up in no time.


  1. H just popped by from the CF. Your blog is great and I've noticed you're another midlander! I live in Stafford. I love this sleeveless jacket pattern too. Oh - I love it all! Am clearly In far too good a mood for a Monday morning

  2. Thankyou Helen!
    I've had a quick rush around your blog but will linger longer later. (Hmmm...I like that phrase).

  3. Love the sleeveless jacket. But love your shameless blog promotion on Craft Forum even more lol! Hey it's working, thats why I'm here.
    Going to have a little browse around here now

  4. Hi I too have just popped over from cf, Ive got to say your very ambitious making this! I wouldnt have the pacience (sp?) to follow a pattern for something so big! Well done xx

  5. Thanks Becks. I know no shame, me. ;o)
    Thanks for popping in too, Laura. The jacket grows VERY quickly, plus there's no sleeves! Bonus.

  6. That pattern looks difficult, you're braver than me!

  7. Actually, it's not, so far! It's just got that one fat cable down each front, and it's really quick. I'm enjoying it lots.

  8. Hi! Susan
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    I love your out size cup cake and your knitting is great. I an sure your eggs are too.
    What is PDA, I have not heard of it.

  9. PDA is Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome, a little-known autism-related condition. Since Sarah was 18 months old, we have had problems with her refusing to do things...typical terrible twos? No, not normal for a child to scream for 3 hours solid because she doesn't want to put her pants on! But of course it's a matter of convincing the authorities, which is what we're going through now.