Monday, 5 September 2011

Look what I've got!

I bought it on Ebay today, as an early birthday present to myself. I'm very excited about it. Apparently, it is the best sewing machine ever made, as long as you want to sew lovely straight lines. It's semi-industrial strength, which means it will sew leather and lots of thicknesses of fabric, eg. denim.

The Singer 201K was bought mainly by professional machinists who would sew for a living. The Singer 201Kwas pretty much bullet proof and could take a direct hit from a nuclear missile and still sew. Today there is no sewing machine made that will stitch better than the Singer 201sewing machine.

So it's a Singer 201K and it cost me £35, the starting bid. I'm rather happy with that. It's going to live in my bedroom and double as a dressing table.


  1. I am so jealous, my mum and stepdad had his mothers and when they moved, well it just went I never could find out what happened to it, I would have loved it

  2. When you pop over you can have a play, Carol.

  3. I love the idea it's bullet proof! These old Singers are brilliant.

  4. Being able to withstand a nuclear missile will be a valuable characteristic with my children around.... ;o)