Sunday, 11 September 2011

Busy Sunday

Yesterday I sent the Hubby to TFM for chicken feed and scaly legtreatment. For a couple of days now,
I've noticed that some of the chicken's legs
had loose or sticky-up scales, and they also looked bright white. A little research showed that it
was probably caused by a mite which gets under the scales and irritates the legs. This isn't our chicken above.

The worst example is
Juliet, as held here by Rachel, but I don't think you can see much. We treated them yesterday with 'Just for Scaly legs' spray, and already they've improved.

I think we caught ours in the earlier stages. It's highly contagious and they haven't all got it.

The chickens did their bit to dig over the veggie patch with Rachel.

Rachel and Juliet relaxed on the swing

I dug up a few more carrots

My new sewing machine is in place and I am very fond of it. It looks good. I started my first project on it. One of those zippered boxy pouch things. This machine is famed for it's lovely straight stitching, so here's an example.

And what about keeping these shelves for lovely fabrics and sewing supplies?

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  1. Glad the new sewing machine is living up to it's reputation!