Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Open letter

To the owner of a well-respected yarn business:

Thankyou for your reply.

As an ex-Ebay seller with many thousands of sales under my belt, I
absolutely agree, that it is extremely rare for a package to genuinely
go missing. It is usually the fault of the receiver, when they forget
to change an address, or neglect to pick up a package from the
delivery office. I can rule out both of these possibilities. Never did
a package go missing twice, as of course, one would take the
precaution of posting Recorded or Special Delivery second time around.

I look forward to getting my refund.
Many thanks


  1. Talk about timely. I placed a yarn order yesterday on ebay and was about to go for the cheapest option but thought, hmm its only a bit more, think i will go for the safest option. I never do usually as i agree with you that packages almost never genuinley get lost. Most of it is chancers, and I am honest. I hope you get the result you deserve. (hope its not the shop I used)

  2. Joy, it wasn't an Ebay shop. Maybe Ebay is safer! No, this was a well respected small business which exhibits at most of the UK wool festivals/shows.

  3. it's never enjoyable having to deal with not receiving what you've already paid for. i wish you success in this. ^)^linda(IOWA-USA)